Vancouver Art Book Fair

Hello everyone! Thank you for your continued interest! Just posted another new review for the artbook FAUSTUS. We will add more next week.

Misako Oba is participating Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021 from October 18 through 26. A new book “Moon” will be there. Visit us and find Art Byte Critique booth. You will find the video, introducing this unique book, too. There are many interesting new artbooks around the world.

During the event and a little after, the online shop Atelier Direct 21 is showcasing the new books as well as FAUSTUS. Enjoy Browsing Artbooks section. More books will be there, starting on October, 2021.
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news From Vienna, Austria

Thank you to Vienna, Austria based [josef chladek on photo books and books] for introducing the book FAUSTUS.

FAUSTUS on JosefChladek web_2s
FAUSTUS on JosefChladek web_1s

You can view some sample pages and browse other photobooks on his site.  Personally, FAUSTUS is not just for browsing, but reading/looking at each page, feel your emotions… in a quiet place by yourself, I would recommend.  It would make it different.

If you are interested in getting for your own or would like to take a look at the book in person, it just became available more internationally since this summer (2015).
Some books are signed and others are not.  (You could ask a bookstore… :)) .