Photos from the Talk and Book Signing event

Thank you all for coming to the book event in spite of the bright sunny summer day outside in Seattle. 🙂 Thank you to Kinokuniya bookstore for organizing this! I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you.
525 South Weller St. Seattle, WA 98104 (map)
Tel: +1-206-587-2477
Photos: Courtesy of Kinokuniya USA, the Sandisons, and Roy Wang.





news From Vienna, Austria

Thank you to Vienna, Austria based [josef chladek on photo books and books] for introducing the book FAUSTUS.

FAUSTUS on JosefChladek web_2s
FAUSTUS on JosefChladek web_1s

You can view some sample pages and browse other photobooks on his site.  Personally, FAUSTUS is not just for browsing, but reading/looking at each page, feel your emotions… in a quiet place by yourself, I would recommend.  It would make it different.

If you are interested in getting for your own or would like to take a look at the book in person, it just became available more internationally since this summer (2015).
Some books are signed and others are not.  (You could ask a bookstore… :)) .