Find the book (本の入手方法)

Misako Oba’s monograph (photography/artbook) FAUSTUS (published by Sokyu-sha) is available at the following bookstores, museums, and galleries as well as online stores.

Update in 2021: Due to out of stock at the physical book stores, the New Online Store was laughed in fall 2020 in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Book Fair 2020.  Misako Oba’s timeless FAUSTUS and her new artbooks were exhibited at Vancouver Art Book Fair and Tokyo Art Book Fair (Virtual) in 2020.

  Store locations In Japan
  Store locations In Europe and U.S.
  Online order
  Direct order to the bookstore that publisher owns 
(The publisher Sokyu-sha has their own bookstore in Tokyo that is specializing photography).

蒼穹舎より刊行された、大庭みさこアート写真集『FAUSTUS』(ファウストス) は:


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